At this moment

At this moment

 I am sitting on a bench

In a city park woods

On a lovely summer day

With the sun streaming through the canopy

Having just found out that I am indeed “the other woman”

In a triangle love affair

With a married couple, choking in their marriage

I am

Feeling like hell

Like shit.

Wishing I had known from the start.

I didn’t mean to interrupt. Please go on.

July 25, 2010 in reference to July 2006


No doubt you have.

Have you ever been in a swing when your feet touched the sky?

Did you ever carry a book up a sycamore to read to the leaves?  Feel the breeze that stirs only in trees? 

Have you slept in a windowsill on a summer night, with only a screen between you, the purple lilac and the heat-lightening sky? 

As an adult, have you ever run or ride a bike so far that you felt fire in your thighs? 

Have you ached with love for a man that is not in your life? 

Have you ever dug your fingers into the dirt and wondered why? 

Did you give birth to sons, rejoiced in their life, give them to their wives? 

Have you ever had a conversation with a campfire light? 

Have you ever cried alone on a mountain top’s peak? 

Slept on a white sand beach in the moonlight?  touched the Milky Way? 

Have you had perpetual grief watching your mother die?  Slowly.  One brain cell at a time for fourteen long years.

Have you ever wondered why it is just you and god, but mainly just you?

Do you follow your bliss?  Do you try?